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Timberland Balm Proofer XL all Purpose Suede and Nubuck Protector Spray 6.76fl.oz

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Ideal for most types of footwear, clothing and accessories. The water-based Balm Proofer䋢 XL All Purpose Protector restores water and stain repellency to waterproof footwear and apparel and protects against stains caused by salt and oil.
  • Suede, Nubuck
  • Recommended for use with our Rubber Sole Brush or our Suede Brush to restore color and raise the nap of leather products
  • Water-based formula is more eco-conscious and worker-friendly than solvent-based products
  • Contains Bitrexå¨ to prevent accidental ingestion
  • Low VOC levels: Volatile Organic Compounds are solvent chemicals that can release harmful or toxic odors