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Antique Faded Radium
Antique Faded Radium
Antique Faded Radium
G-Star Raw

G-Star Raw Men's 5620 3D Zip Knee Slim Jeans

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The 5620 G-Star Elwood was first introduced in 1996, and is the original design from the G-Star 3D Denim approach to construction. Head Designer Pierre Morisset pioneered this method as he sought to recreate the jeans of a passing motorcyclist, which had moulded to his legs from longtime exposure to the elements.
  • 92% cotton, 6% polybutylene terephthalate, 2% elastane
  • Paneled design
  • Knee pads: 1 sided curved zip
  • Heel guards
  • Tight from top to bottom