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Magic Sponge
Magic Sponge
Magic Sponge
Magic Sponge
Magic Sponge
Magic Sponge

Crep Protect Ultimate Sneaker Eraser Magic Sponge - Instant Sneaker Cleaner & Shoe Sole Cleaner Just Add Water

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Specially formulated to care for footwear, the Magic sponge packs a punch in cleaning power that simply rubs out marks, tough stains and denim bleed – perfect for white midsoles. Get those sneaker sole bright again. Although not a sneaker whitener, the sneaker eraser does a great job at getting tough stains out of your white sneakers and makes a great cleaner for white sneakers.
  • Instant Sneaker Cleaner - Just add water before use for apowerful sneaker cleaning. Comes with 6 Per Case.
  • The Magic Sponge sneaker eraser rubs out tough stains with no cleaning liquids required. Make dirt stains instantly disappear from your sneakers soles and midsoles.
  • Gentle on fabrics - Rub soft and gently; Avoid adding pressure for better results.
  • Unique dual layer technology. Powerful micro-scrubbers for cleaning and a yellow sponge absorbs any excess moisture for a no-mess & quick shoe clean.
  • A quick, effective, and convenient pocket sizes solution