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Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Wipes
Crep Protect

Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Wipes

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We call the Crep Protect Wipes ?‰ۼ®Õ?å»??The Ultimate Cleaning Wipes?‰ۼ®Õ?å» for a really good reason. The Wipes are the one accessory any good sneakerhead knows they shouldn?‰ۼ®Õ?廮Õ?‰ۼt leave the house without. Throw them in your back pocket, in your wallet, or throw them in your backpack ?‰ۼ®Õ?廮Õ?? just don?‰ۼ®Õ?廮Õ?‰ۼt leave your house without them. Good for when you?‰ۼ®Õ?廮Õ?‰ۼre on the go. If you see a stain or a scuff, just like that, it?‰ۼ®Õ?廮Õ?‰ۼs gone with Crep Protect Wipes. The Crep Protect Wipes are suitable for use on leather, canvas, vinyl, nylon, and more. Crep Protect Wipes are double sided, with one side being softer for general cleaning, and a rougher side for those tougher stains. The Wipes come packed up in a slick and presentable tin box, each box contains 12 Crep Protect Wipes, and they are all individually sealed.
  • Crep Protect Wipes are double sided
  • a rough side for tough stains and a soft side for general cleaning
  • 12 individual wipes come in 1 tin