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Adidas Shoe Protector Spray - Water and Stain Repellent Spray for Sneakers

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SNEAKER PROTECTOR - A LIQUID TREATMENT FOR SNEAKERS. Volume: 200 ml Give your favorite adidas sneakers enhanced water and stain resistance. This water-based treatment penetrates fabric without limiting breathability. The invisible barrier helps your sneakers repel liquid and stains. Directions: 1. Clean sneaker prior to use. 2. Shake repel spray. 3. Spray a light, even layer 7-8 inches (20cm) away from sneaker. 4. Let dry 10 minutes. 5. Spray another light, even coat 7-8 inches (20cm) away from sneaker. 6. Let dry 10 minutes. They’re now protected Notes: Test for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area before use. Use Outdoors or in well-ventilated area. MADE IN GERMANY.
  • EASY-TO-USE & QUICK DRYING - Shake, spray, and let dry. Quick drying time of 10 minutes per coat (2 coats).
  • PROTECTIVE INVISIBLE SHIELD - Ultra performing Nano-technology formula prevents liquids & stains from damaging any material, while not compromising breathability and performance.
  • EFFECTIVE ON MANY MATERIALS – Protects and repels against most liquids and stains on leather, suede, nubuck, canvas and more.
  • NANO-TECHNOLOGY - Create a protective invisible shield that repels liquids & stains and keeps your footwear protected.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Recyclable aluminum can and recycled plastic lid.