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Adidas Shoe Cleaner Wipes - 15 Ready-To-Use Sneaker Quick Wipes - Travel Size Container for Taking On-The-Go

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SNEAKER QUICK WIPES - A CONVENIENT WIPES FOR CLEANING SNEAKERS. 15 Count Wipes Clean your adidas shoes on the fly. These ready-to-use sneaker wipes come in a travel-size container for taking on the go. Directions: 1. Open inner wipe packaging. 2. Feed through the container opening pulling from the inner part of the wipe tube. 3. Wipe your sneakers clean. 4. Close firmly to keep your wipes from drying out. Note: DO NOT USE ON SUEDE OR NUBUCK. Made in the Netherlands.
  • QUICK & READY-TO-USE - Instant shoe wipes clean on the go. Pull them out when needed and tackle those marks. Comes with 15 wipes.
  • TRAVEL SIZE CAN - Travel size container make these perfect for taking them on-the-go.
  • UNSTOPPABLE CLEANING ABILITY - Each wipe provides superior cleaning ability with the perfect amount of cleaning solution and a fresh scent to keep your sneakers looking and smelling good!
  • EXTREMELY TOUGH - Shoe cleaning wipes created for durability to clean even the most difficult stains without damaging your footwear.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Recyclable aluminum can and recycled plastic lid.