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Adidas Originals Premium Microfiber Cloth

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Adidas Originals Premium Microfiber Cloth- Absorbent and quick-drying for cleaning shoes
  • Specifically designed for shoe-cleaning and sneaker care. Wipe off excess liquid & grime from your footwear.
  • Highly absorbent microfiber cloth can soak up more liquid with less cloth. Ultrafine 10-micrometre thread for increased surface area. Soft and non-abrasive microfiber cloth provides a quick drying rate.
  • Large 11.8in x 11.8in cloth with adidas Originals trefoil patch.
  • We Know Shoes – Adidas shoes are legendary for their street and sport styles, and our cleaning products are held to the same standard. Your Adidas sneaker cleaner is backed by our uncompromising pursuit of excellence in all that we do.
  • Build a full sneaker cleaning kit with Adidas’s comprehensive line of shoe cleaning products.